"Wherever she goes, Hannah lifts the soul with her unique brand of storytelling

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Behind the Words

My love of ‘Once upon a time’ began as a child with my mother both reading to me and telling me a 'magic story' every night before I went to sleep. I can remember my dreams being filled with the wonderful worlds and adventures she had conjured up in my imagination. I was tremendously lucky to have my love of stories and subsequent creativity nurtured in this way and it’s why I’m passionate about giving the same gift to other children. If I can spark the same joy in just one child, ignite their imagination and encourage creativity then I have done my job.

I trained and worked as an actress and drama facilitator for many years, but after the birth of my daughter, I re-focused my career away from acting to full time storytelling. I have shared stories in all sorts of places, from woodlands to windmills, theatres to hospitals and trains to buses and I'm equally at home telling tales at large scale festivals with matching audiences, to more intimate club venues and now online in the virtual world too. 

I set up Tiny Tales Storytellers in 2013 to provide storytelling performances and story creating workshops to Early Years and Primary School aged children and their families. I also work in special needs education, community groups, museums, festivals and at family events to bring the magic of oral storytelling to as wide an audience as possible. I also run CPD for teachers to further develop their creative practice in the classroom.

I believe in providing the skills to create the next generation of effective communicators and so I work with Secondary and Further Education students to develop communication and storytelling skills.

Furthermore, I use my storytelling skills in the corporate world to deliver communication and presentation skills training and I am booked as a guest speaker and performer for conferences. I have also created and delivered storytelling commissions for both private and public sector organisations. 

I’m also a passionate promoter of storytelling for adults. In 2016 I set up Spinning Yarns Theatre to create opportunities for both emerging and established regional and national storytellers to have a platform in South Essex where I’m based and to build new audiences for the art form through both our regular 'Word Spun' night and pop up events.

 Finally, I have also developed several solo shows and have three new projects in development. To find out more 

I am also the resident storyteller for Southend Theatres and Jacqson Diego Story Emporium.

To find out more about what I can offer you or to discuss a potential project, please do

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