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Chalkwell Hall Infant School

Thank you so much for coming to visit us today. The children have absolutely loved it. One of our teachers said you're the best storyteller she's seen in years!

Vanessa Woolf Storyteller -

London Dreamtime

Hannah Brailsford is an excellent storyteller and always keeps audiences entranced. She is also a true professional in every aspect of her craft right from the first email contact. She is able to devise stories to order and create and lead projects to a tight brief for all different kinds of audiences. I have no hesitation about recommending Hannah for any storytelling performance or project- she is fantastic! 

Audience Members

I have seen her in action many times and she delights with her insight and creative invention. 

Hannah is a brilliant storyteller who has the ability to instantly draw in an audience, spellbound, as she paints with words, vivid pictures of whatever place or person she so chooses from her vast repertoire.


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